Supply Chain Coordinator - Webster , Texas, United States, 77598

MaSTherCell is a dynamic Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) on a mission to deliver optimized process industrialization capacities to cell therapy organizations and speed up the arrival of their therapies onto the market. From technology selection to business modelling, through GMP manufacturing, process development, quality services, MaSTherCell's teams are fully committed to helping their clients fulfil their objective of providing sustainable and affordable therapies to their patients.



  • Be able to be involved in all stages of logistics activities (from routine activities to specific troubleshooting tasks) and follow up daily planning.
  • Deal with team management and specific subcontractors.
  • Generate and/or ensure finalization of documentation (procedures/instructions/forms) to perform specific logistics documentation.
  • Ensure respect of Environment Health and Safety (EHS) rules in working area.
  • Compile key performance indicators (KPIs) of your team and feed continuous improvement of the logistics team.
  • Master all parameters of logistics processes (shipping rules or validation) and logistics associated tools, i.e., ERP.
  • Plan, coordinate and perform daily logistics tasks.
  • Effect and support continuous improvement in Technical Service department.
  • Dedicate appropriate time in logistics area to ensure all duties to perform according to quality system to support Logistics Specialists. Due to administrative tasks, the Supply Chain Coordinator will dedicate more time to the office than the Logistics Specialist.
  • Trained/qualified to train colleagues.
  • Will represent the Logistics Team in internal/external meetings when necessary.
  • Responsible for logistics and supply interactions for customer project, i.e., DP shipping, cold storage management.


  • Ensure current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) implementation through Masthercell's quality system and support continuous quality improvement program.
  • Ensure your team is adequately staffed, trained, equipped (premises, equipment and any material) to execute required work. Share work between team members according to their competencies and workload.
  • Finalize Deviations (Owner role) and curative and preventive actions (CAPA) for hierarchy approval.
  • Assist in preparation and execution of any audits/inspection.


  • Rigorous.
  • Conscientious.
  • Team Player and Client Oriented.
  • Autonomous and organized.
  • Stress Resistant.
  • Willing to Communicate Outside of Working Hours.
  • Flexible.
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Open to Learn and Manage New Challenges.
  • Microsoft Office.


  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience.
  • Previous experience in the supply chain field with a Warehousing and Biotech company.
  • Experience with an ERP system.
  • Experience in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) environment or equivalent experience in University non-GMP CORE training or training facility is a plus.