Strategy Consulting Associate Consultant/Senior Analyst - Boston, Massachusetts, United States, 02119

The Boilerplate Description: Greenwich strategy was founded in 1997 by Christopher Fay, a career strategy consultant previously with Bain and Parthenon. (Chris is a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Business School.) We work for a select clientele of both investors and corporations, helping them develop winning strategies and make profitable investment decisions through superb analysis & research.

The Skinny: There are a number of well-known, highly regarded strategy consulting firms out there. The "big three"-BCG, Bain, McKinsey are at the top of the list. Such firms offer terrific opportunities & benefits to analyst level folks: great compensation, interesting work, and great opportunities for career growth. This is surely obvious. What is undoubtedly far from obvious is that Greenwich Strategy-a tiny little firm by comparison to the big three-affords opportunities & benefits that are at least as great, and in some important respects greater. In short:

  • The work is interesting and important-consistently. We've stayed small by design, to ensure we work only on projects we want to work on, and for clients we want to work for. These are in turn projects where we'll have maximum impact.
  • Analysts get terrific exposure. Our small firm redefines the organizational description "flat". Everyone on the project team-from the analyst on up-is in virtually every meeting that the team partner is in, whether it's a final presentation to senior client management or an internal working session. Analysts do really important work at Greenwich Strategy. Our culture is unavoidably collegial, and anything but hierarchical.
  • Analysts get into the best business schools. An unparalleled learning experience means analysts applying to business school have uncommonly good "material" about which to write. That's why past analysts have gone on to schools like Tuck, HBS, Booth, Wharton, and Stanford.
  • You don't have to go to business school. If you decide you want to avoid the time and expense of getting an MBA and are intent on rising up within the ranks of consulting, Greenwich Strategy will offer the chance to progress at a post-MBA pay scale.
  • The pay is very good. Our compensation is competitive with the big firms.
  • …and we don't work weekends. No kidding. The founding partner firmly believes that working weekends, and consistently staying late into the night-things that happen as the norm in consulting-are signs of poor productivity, and/or a broken process. When we work, we work hard. But when the work is over, we're quick to grab "comp time". Three and even four day weekends are not uncommon between spates of activity. The founding partner is the first to suggest them.

What it Takes: In our past experience, successful analysts have come from investment banking/consulting, corporate financial management programs, and financial/business analyst roles in other organizations. Candidates for the analyst job must possess:

  • An excellent academic record from a highly respected college
  • Two or more years of work experience that has resulted in demonstrably strong abilities in Excel modeling and function logic , strong command of PowerPoint and a working knowledge of business accounting fundamentals
  • A willingness to "think out of the box" when approaching analysis and primary research
  • Strong Nerf basketball skills