Strategic Business Partner - Business Transformation - New York , New York, United States, 10001

JobDescription :
Role Purpose
The Strategic Business Partner - Business Transformation is a senior role within the Strategic Operations group (Chief Operating Office) responsible for leading a team of professionals focused on supporting the transformation of S&P Global Ratings' operating model to next-generation digital capabilities.

The core mandate of this team is to effectively combine digital technologies and operations capabilities in an integrated way to support Ratings' evolving digital business model. This will leverage and enhance the organizations' investment in Lean capabilities, support the Agile transformation for software development and projects; and be a proactive force for identifying opportunities to apply new technologies across operational processes in support of continuous improvement and customer focus.

This cross-functional team is not aligned to a specific practice or function and is employed against specific activities based on demand and priority. The SBP will work closely with other Strategic Ops SBPs, Senior Business Managers and practice/functional leaders to triage and determine priorities for the group and where to allocate resources. As a cross-functional team, the team has a specific mandate to identify opportunities to drive standardization, simplification and process convergence for all teams. In addition, the team will provide expert resource support for Business Management on Tier 3 projects and Strategic Initiative Owners on strategic projects.

The Digital Transformation team will comprise of the following capabilities and while there will be areas of specialization, the team is expected to be competent across all areas including:
  • Lean Management and Agile philosophy, tools, techniques and processes
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) tools
  • Business process and analysis and design
  • Data extraction, reporting and visualization
  • Problem solving and workshop facilitation

The Business Transformation team incorporates the Lean Management function a continued focus on driving value realization from Ratings' Lean Management investment including sustaining best-practices, targeted coaching where needed and administering the certification and accreditation programs. Combining the Lean-based process expertise with technology solutions will be a key objective of this role along with supporting each practice in operationalizing change resulting from strategic initiatives. Central to the team's mission is establishing a strong culture of measurement around business processes and ensuring this drives action and continuous improvement.

Business Impact
Leveraging the Ratings' network and knowledge of specific practice needs and challenges, the role will connect cross-functional teams including close collaboration with the Business Management team and practice/functional teams performing the day-to-day work. Key partners include IT, Data Science, RPA Team, Technology Product Management and Data along with Business Management.

The business impact of the role is centered on the ability to execute a clearly defined vision of a digital operating model for Ratings and drive continuous improvement through the effective integration of digital and operational capabilities. The SBP will bring a passion for new technologies and a strong track record of leading change.

Key Responsibilities
  • Managing the Digital Transformation team including day-to-day work allocation and triage; coaching and development
  • Working with the Business Management team to define and operationalize KPIs and metrics including data collection processes, reporting and action tracking
  • Business process analysis, design and metrics - focus on optimizing processes to drive standardization, simplification and cross-practice convergence. Uses all tools available with a particular focus on ensuring Lean principles are followed
  • Developing sophisticated management information capabilities including advanced data visualization, real-time information and interactive dashboards for practice and functional leaders.
  • Proactively identify opportunity areas for operational improvement and digitalization within the business. This involves extensive stakeholder consultation, a deep understanding of the business and practices supported and leveraging the SBP's internal network. Opportunities will be assessed for business value, prioritized accordingly and have Digital Transformation resources allocated to them with clearly defined, measurable objectives in place.
  • Process automation using RPA tools. Specialist skills within the team assigned to opportunities and maintenance of a light governance overlay to ensuring a systematic and controlled approach.
  • Targeted Lean Management coaching based on demand to solve a specific team challenge. Coaching is performed on a limited basis with the need determined in consultation with practice/functional leads.
  • Administration of the Lean Academy and certification program. This includes engagement with external consulting support and certification bodies and running the program internally.
  • Running workshops and problem solving sessions for teams on an ad-hoc basis.

Capabilities & Key Attributes
  • The role requires a deep understanding of S&P Global Ratings' business, ideally with experience working across multiple functions. As a cross-practice role, the SBM will need to understand developments, operations and issues across multiple and diverse business areas.
  • A strong customer focus is required which requires understand of who our customers are and how they use our products. Expectations for the role include taking opportunities for hands-on experience dealing with customers including attending external events and client meetings as appropriate.
  • As an Associated [policy] role the SBP will provide a bridge between Analytical and Commercial functions requiring knowledge of both sides of the business.
  • A strong expertise in S&P Lean and Agile roles, processes and philosophy is required. This is critical to role modeling behaviors and developing team capabilities.
  • The role requires a strong technology mind-set with knowledge of tools (ideally through hands-on exposure), industry trends and a keen interest and desire to leverage a range of different technology tools when thinking about problem solving and engaging partners to deliver EC level and the ability to tell a strong story that resonates with different stakeholder groups
  • Ability to simplify complex concepts and issues including clear visual communications and presentations

Background & Experience
  • 12+ Years in Industry: Financial Services or related
  • 7+ Years in a Management Role
  • Experience leading large, complex initiatives highly valued
  • Exposure to different parts of the organization in a variety of roles preferable

Strategic Business Partner - Business Transformation