Senior SAP PPDS Expert Expenses Paid - Wichita, Kansas, United States, 67201

Role description: Senior SAP PPDS Expert

Planned Start Date: July 29, 2019

Planned End Date: December 31, 2019 possible ext.

Role Location: Wichita, KS

Customer Flow Down Info: Criminal Records check 7 yrs;Date of Birth Verification;Education Verification;Employment Verification;SAP Dedicated share drive long term_all cons resumes on acct;Social Security check required;Drug screen required - 5 panel;Background check required;Client Restrictions on Consultants

Scope of Tasks:

Customer is currently doing an assesment of S4HANA PPDS solution against existing Logility SP solution and have once critical business requirement (see below) which currently SAP PPDS cannot fulfill but Logity SP can solve it and if S4 PPDS cannot meet this requirement business impact is about $2 million per year.

Requirement: Raw material consumption based on demand Prioritization and available capacity

  1. Demand is prioritized by assigning a priority number to product and resource combination
  2. Checks for available capacity based on resource priority a. If all of the capacity for resource 1 is filled up, then the system would fill up the capacity on resource 2 with highest priority items first
  3. Check for material availability based on BOM priority , if priority 1 material is not available it will select priority material and so on a. WIP shelf life overrides BOM priority , If there are components that will expire, it would get used first

There could be potential 6-7 Production version options for same material and logic will need to go through these option.

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