Public Works Director - Cody , Nebraska, United States, 69211

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  •  To provide overall management of the public works including: oversight and supervision of the design, construction and maintenance of county roads, bridges and culverts; prepares estimates of materials and supplies needed for road and bridge maintenance; inspects roads, bridges and public conveniences for maintenance and safety conditions; assists with the research and implementation of rural improvement districts to include recommendations regarding assessment of properties involved; responsible for the operation and maintenance of all county buildings and the county fairgrounds; may assist with environmental health issues such as; analysis and evaluate requests for the creation of water sewer, and maintenance districts within the county; oversees the refuse district ensuring all applicable rules and regulations regarding solid waste disposal are adhered to; acts as a liaison for the county with contractors, consultants, engineers, government departments, developers and others, overseeing all county construction projects; establishes and recommends goals for the department, prioritizing projects responding to the needs of the community; administers grants; ensures that all equipment is well maintained and safe to use, recommending replacement of equipment when necessary.
  • To handle diplomatically any inquiries from the public and other agencies; any verbal, written, emailed complaints regarding the Public Works Department.
  • To respond, investigate, and help resolve inquiries and complaints received by the Commission regarding Public Works issues. This may include formal public presentation of such, formal written correspondence, follow phone calls, etc.
  • To represent the County and County Commission (as assigned)to outside agencies; to coordinate County activities with those of other counties, cities, outside agencies and organizations.
  • To attend DOT and other federal agency meetings and make technical departmental decisions on behalf of the County as assigned by the Commission.
  • To assist the Board in identifying County needs; including determining CIP plans, preparation and recommendations of alternative courses of action, and annual goals and objectives for the County's Public works.
  • To provide oversight on construction projects associated with the county. May include liaison between commission and engineers and/or contractors.
  • To comply with Park County Handbook Policies and Procedures for interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints, resolving problems and ensuring compliance with labor agreements (if applicable) and the Policies and Procedures of Park County. Training to including identification of hazardous materials, exposure to Hepatitis B, ensures employee attendance for mandatory and optional safety training.
  • To complete with accuracy and in a timely manner; all claims within compliance of the procurement policy. To complete the budget process of PWD include Road & Bridge, Refuse, Weed and County Building departments.
  • Other Duties as assigned. 

  • Employees assigned to this position must possess considerable knowledge of principles, practices and procedures of public works in innovative ways to find solutions regarding: road repair, maintenance and construction, contemporary pavement systems, building maintenance and repair with building code knowledge, solid waste disposal rules and regulations, budget and bidding procedures required by State Law and general construction practices and procedures. Knowledge and understanding of improvement districts. Effective communication skills will be needed for public relations including effective public speaking skills, experience with the media and ability to maintain composure under pressure.
  • Strong management and organizational skills. Working within budgetary constraints. Ability to interpret and apply regulations and statutes related to public works functions. Ability to plan, organize and coordinate fiscal activities. Ability to use good judgment and discretion when providing information and dealing with the public. Ability to work effectively and maintain composure under pressure.
  • Completion of a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or related field preferred.
  • Recent work experience of at least 3-5 years of Public Works or related field experience. Management experience of at least 3-5 years. Government work experience is preferred.
  • Valid Montana driver's license.