Public Sector PM (PMP) - Saint Paul , Minnesota, United States, 55101

Job ID: MNSITE-1647-PM () 3P

Public Sector PM (PMP) with responsive web framework/presentation layer, correspondence management, MS Project and UI/Unemployment Insurance experience

Location: St Paul MN (DEED)
Duration: 12 months
Interview: In-person
Positions: 1 (1/1)

Project Manager
It is assumed that this role will be fulltime within the life of the project.
Minimum Qualifications: candidates must pass all minimum qualifications in order to be scored.
Project Management Professional (PMP) certification (active)
Two or more years experience in lead PM role on application development projects
1 project in a lead project management role managing a development project that includes responsive web frameworks for the presentation layer
1 project in a lead project management role managing a development project that includes correspondence editing and management
1 year experience managing software development in a government environment similar to UI or other highly regulated business area
5 years experience managing multiple concurrent projects
5 years experience with project management software (Microsoft Project, etc. list all)
Number years experience working with a State or government agency
BA or BS Degree
Experience on Unemployment Insurance project teams

Responsibilities of Selected Vendor
Supply a proven, graphical user interface technology update to enhance the existing user interface so that it is responsive/mobile ready, accessible, and localizable into other languages
Identify any existing pages that will not convert well into an updated framework, create a plan to bring them into compliance and code, test and deploy the updated pages/functionality so they can be integrated into the bootstrap framework
Migrate current UI system in sections to the updated framework
Provide a proven editing tool that will allow trained business users to edit correspondence documents
Migrate the current UI correspondence into this tool

Create and update project plans using project management tools approved by the UI Program leadership and its partner
Create and manage communication plans, status reporting, risk, issue, and decision logs, project plans, task breakdown plans, stage gate documentation, operational and transitional plans, and quality assurance/test/roll out plans
Create all required documentation, both technical and user
Manage all code releases, coordinate presentation layer and correspondence engine releases with ongoing design and development activities with UI Program and staff
Be accountable to UI program leadership and its partner to manage budget to deliverables
Perform testing as defined in deliverables
Assist in defining testing plans to define when and how UI Program staff and staff will be involved in testing
Control scope to ensure the project does not include any enhancements to the presentation layer except where technically required to update the presentation layer
Ensure that presentation layer and correspondence work are done a in parallel and in a coordinated fashion
Build initial framework for two agreed upon high volume processes to be translated into other languages
Connect content from into two agreed upon processes within the application
Propose a training path to equip development staff and DEED business users to maintain the system long term
Provide knowledge transfer for operational team
Use the program s project management tools for reporting and documenting the project
Create documents detailing the design approach, architecture and plans to accomplish the goals outlined in this RFO and obtain approval from UI leadership and
Project Environment

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