Financial Services Consultant - Buffalo Creek , Colorado, United States, 80425

Start-up Career Opportunity for Financial/Endowment Consultants Across the U.S.

Compensation: $225,000 average for 10 years for 5 years of identifying 10 clients per year and implementing their planning structures, and 5 years of servicing those 50 clients.

Business Activities: economic education, prospect to client conversion, planning implementation, annual administration of client planning

Our firm utilizes more than four decades of research-based findings to provide value-added services and products to productive individuals, including savers, millennials, GenXer's, business owners and doctors, and affluent individuals. We welcome individuals who are seeking a career that can allow them to maximize their human and economic potentials. We welcome individuals who are in need of a career change and would consider a transition to a unique new career path in the financial services industry. Our firm has training programs in which individuals with no previous knowledge or experience can learn to become effective financial consultants potentially earning SIX-FIGURE ANNUAL INCOMES.

We are an expanding company that is in need of individuals who are willing and able to learn new information by attending specially designed training programs. Training is designed to help college graduates of all ages who possess limited experience in the field of financial services. The completion of the training program will qualify college graduates to begin careers providing earnings and savings management consulting services to productive savers, millennials, GenXer's, and highly productive individuals including business owners and doctors, and providing endowment creation consulting services to affluent individuals. Although no prior financial services experience is required, some experience in interactions with a diverse group of productive individuals is definitely preferred.

We are looking for qualified individuals to help in the development of new markets that we are entering. Our training programs are designed to develop the knowledge and skill levels of even entry-level individuals to become effective financial consultants and leaders who can manage a team of their own.


Preferred Experience and Qualities:

1) Customer Services (Critical Thinking)

2) Finance/Accounting (Leaders Mentality)

3) Business/Management (Focus and Driven to Perform)

4) Sales/Retail (Teamwork Mentality)

5) Business Owners (Mentoring Mindset)

6) Marketing (Never Give Up Mindset)

7) Health Care (Helping Mentality)

We are seeking individuals who are open-minded, willing to learn new information, and capable of communicating effectively with productive individuals. The first step is to send us your resume and attend an informational webinar conducted Wednesdays at 1:30 and 6:00 pm, followed by a telephone interview then a face to face interview.

Call Trish at or to schedule your webinar