Director Of Public Relations/Marketing - Suwanee , Georgia, United States, 30024

Director of Public Relations/Marketing

Salary: The director of public relations/marketing will serve on Insects for Humanity's Board of Directors as a volunteer and will not receive a salary or compensation.

Location: Residency near or within the greater Atlanta region and an ability to travel to Suwanee, Georgia, at least four times a year is required to apply for this position.

Time commitment: The director of public relations/marketing is expected to attend at least four board meetings per year. The director of public relations/marketing is also expected to maintain consistent communication with the CEO and other board members and perform all necessary duties between board meetings. This position should rarely require more than 5 hours per week.

Reports to: IFH board chair

Background: Any prior experience in marketing/communication strategy/public relations at for a for-profit or nonprofit is required. Experience serving on a nonprofit or for-profit organization's board of directors would be preferred.

Term: Board term limits and term lengths will be decided during the first board meeting of IFH when governing documents, such as the bylaws, are developed and adopted.

Requirements: In accordance with Georgia law, all board members of IFH must be 18 years of age or older. You will not be required to make financial contributions to IFH but will be welcome to do so.

Additional Info: For more information on Insects for Humanity and its mission, please visit our board recruitment website:

Job Description


The director of public relations/marketing is responsible for developing IFH's short- and long-term public relations and marketing strategies and policies. The director of public relations/marketing is a member of the board of directors and holds voting powers.

Principle Responsibilities

Media Relations:

· Develop a comprehensive social media, internet presence, and media relation strategies that will heighten public awareness surrounding IFH and enhance its image among the public


  • Develop and help implement policies and strategies for IFH's external communications with the public

Donor and Contributor Relations:

  • Develop and help implement a comprehensive strategy for engaging IFH's donors that aims to maximize reoccurring donors
  • Develop and help implement a comprehensive strategy for maximizing the number of individual donors and overall public contributions

Marketing and PR:

  • Develop and, if necessary, help implement IFH's digital, internet, and interactive marketing strategies designed to maximize public awareness surrounding and donations to IFH.
  • Regularly maintain IFH's social media channels


· Help devise and, if necessary, play a role in implementing IFH's fundraising initiatives

Person Specification

Personal Qualities

  • Demonstrates a strong and visible passion and commitment to Insects for Humanity, its strategic objectives, and its purpose
  • Demonstrates an ability to consider the perspectives of other Board members while simultaneously being able to challenge and criticize constructively during the board's decision-making process
  • Demonstrates a willingness and an ability to commit time to serve as an effective PR/marketing director for IFH
  • Demonstrates an excellent and objective judgment free from the influence of biases, stereotypes, etc.
  • Demonstrates a strong desire to grow and learn from setbacks
  • Demonstrates the ability to think creatively and innovate to solve problems
  • Demonstrates an ambition to expand and upscale IFH



· Any experience with marketing/communication/public relations strategy at a for-profit or nonprofit organization


  • Any experience serving on a nonprofit or for-profit organization's board of directors

Knowledge and Skills


  • Broad knowledge of digital and interactive marketing
  • A firm knowledge of nonprofit marketing, communications, and public relations
  • A knowledge of developments in the field of nonprofit marketing, communications, and public relations
  • Strong oral and written communication skills and an ability to translate PR and marketing topics relevant to IFH for the board to comprehend

Please note that the responsibilities of the director of public relations/marketing director are dynamic. Some responsibilities may be added, removed, or amended in response to the changing needs of IFH.